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Cleaning Restaurant and Catering Facilities

Your kitchen will be more efficient and generate better returns when your cleaning regime is carefully scheduled. You won’t have to waste energy worrying about this aspect of your business but it will always be done the way it should be.

We specialise in cleaning

We provide and specialise in cleaning specifically pertaining to the restaurant and hospitality industries. Our service includes floors, toilets and any other necessary areas for your restaurant, as well as ‘back of house’ cleaning which includes, but not limited to, the kitchen areas.

We aim for more than just spotless floors. We know our teams will often share crowded spaces with your own staff so you can count on our cleaning specialists having the poise and professionalism to work seamlessly with others in those situations.


Floor Cleaning -Preparation of Mopping

Cleaning chemicals are used, will have been mixed thoroughly with water.

Safety signs to be displayed to advise the site of wet and/or slippery floor conditions.

The floor area to be mopped will have been properly prepared by sweeping the floor area removing visible debris.

The mopping work will have been performed in such manner as to properly clean the floor surface, care will also have been taken to see that the correct type of cleaning chemical has been used. Proper extraction methods will be used to eliminate residue build up in seams and discolouring of grout.

All mopped areas will be clean and free from dirt, streaks, mop marks. The areas will be properly rinsed, if required and dry-mopped .

Walls and other surfaces will be free of watermarks the surfaces.

Care will have been taken throughout the mopping operation to prevent the liquids and equipment from coming into contact with electric sockets located in the area.

All office equipment will be returned to their original positions.

Preparation for Floor Scrubbing

The floor scrubbing machine will be checked prior to starting any works.

Cleaning chemical will be mixed with water to the correct ratio.

Operation of Machine

Only trained operatives to operate the floor cleaning machine.

The floor scrubbing machine will be started and operated in a safe manner.

Floor Scrubbing and Rinsing

Inform the site staff of wet and/or slippery conditions during the scrubbing operation by wet floor signs .The scrubbing work will be performed by overlapping from left to right ensuring that the whole surface is covered. Any inaccessible areas will be cleaned by deck scrubs.

Staff to wear uniforms and an ID Badges so that we are easily identifiable.

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