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Cleaning Health Facilities

Sports clubs, gymnasiums and spas have for many, become an important part of their lives. Users who come to health and fitness centres vary considerably in both age and ability. Some look to achieve physical sporting excellence and others to maintain their sense of well-being.

Health centres and spas can benefit greatly from achieving and maintaining the highest possible airborne hygiene standards. Air quality that is free of pollution, odours and bacteria is a requirement that is appreciated by all. For those who suffer from allergens including asthma or those looking to achieve high personal standards of performance, there will be a greater incentive.

Gym equipment accumulates many germs due to the large number of people using the same machines on a constant basis. The fitness area can retain odours and unpleasant smells, and these dangerous bacteria can contribute to the spread of contagious diseases if the areas are not sanitised properly. Nasty odours can make the client experience very unpleasant, but they can easily be eliminated by using the correct cleaning procedures. Swimming pools, showers, toilets, steam rooms and saunas, are all ideal areas for germs to thrive. Our staff will skilfully tackle all of these problematic public facilities.

We understand that health clubs, fitness centres and gyms are ideal breeding grounds for germs and bacteria. We can help your premises live up to its name with our pristine gym cleaning services.

We also provide a carpet cleaning service for gyms and we provide spotless cleaning around a time that suits you.
Our specialist trained cleaners provide commercial cleaning services that can deal with the spills and spots you can see in a gym, and also remove the germs and viruses you can’t see. We work carefully to ensure that no areas of your premises are overlooked by following our unrivalled commercial cleaning specification.


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